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Win2Wall Joint Sealing Tape

Energy Efficient Aperture Sealing

U-Value 1.2 to 0.7 + Sound Reduction of 40 - 63dB

win2wall tape, energy efficient tape for window installations

Still using silicone to install your energy efficient windows? 

Win2Wall is the tape the silicone giants would prefer we kept quiet about. This joint sealing foam tape is quick, clean and simple to install. It provides an exceptionally consistent aesthetic finish that not only outperforms silicone sealants with regard to energy efficiency it dramatically reduces sound transmission too (up to 63 dB). The longer working life expectancy is not to be ignored either. Win2Wall provides weather protection up to 600pa impermeable driving and remains flexible to accommodate joint movements throughout its working life.

Instant 3 Level Sealing in 1 Application

ISO-BlOCO Win2wall is permeable to vapour diffusion according to the RAL principles of 3-level sealing and is more air tight on the inside than the out. This guarantees that the joint will dry out completely.

Win2Wall Tape Technical Data

De-Skill Installation - Improve Energy Efficiency - Improve Sound Performance

iso chemie win 2 wall joint sealing tape technical data

Standard Sizes Avaialble Next Day (Min Order Value £250.00 + VAT) Other sizes also available.

40/2-8 Tape Width: 40mm Joint Depth: 2-8mm Roll Length: 30M Rolls per Box: 4

54/2-8 Tape Width: 54mm Joint Depth: 2-8mm Roll Length: 30M Rolls per Box: 4

64/2-8 Tape Width: 64mm Joint Depth: 2-8mm Roll Length: 30M Rolls per Box: 3

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To buy online please visit: https://www.affixit.co.uk/win2wall-self-expanding-foam-tape.html