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Saint Gobain

Saint Gobain Tape Distributor




Saint Gobain Tape Distributor

Immediate Quotations, Exceptional Service
Tel: 01440 766 975 Email: info@lynvale.co.uk

Lynvale are proud to be Saint Gobain Tape Distributors. We have a well established network of connections within the Saint Gobain group. Connections that have been built over many years, and ones which enable Lynvale to provide the knowledge, answers & solutions you need promptly.

Our vast stock holding of Saint Gobain Tapes coupled with our extensive, modern converting machinery enables our team to provide the exact solution you need within a matter of days.

Many of the requests we receive are satisfied within days from the master stock we already hold. Occasionally we are called upon to supply something a little out of the ordinary. In these circumstances we have the capability to utilise our connections and resources to expedite Saint Gobain solutions from across the world.

Saint Gobain Adhesive Tapes, Foams & Films
Supplied in Rolls, Sheets & Custom Made Gaskets
  • Norbond Tapes 
  • Norseal Tapes
  • Thermalbond Tapes
  • CHR Tapes 
  • Green Glue
  • H-Old Tapes

<h2>Saint Gobain Tape Distributor & Converter UK </H2>

Small orders for Saint Gobain Tapes can be orderd from our UK Distributor