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Overbanding Tape

A polymer modified bitumen strip for sealing over cracks or failed reinstatement joints on secondary roads. Additionally the skid resistance can be increased by covering the tape after application with granite dust to a maximum size of 3mm to a similar finish to the existing road surface. 

Overbanding Tape Surface Preparation & Installation Overbanding Tape

  • Remove dirt, dust and debris from the joints and surrounding road surface using a stiff broom or brush
  • Make sure that the road surface is dry
  • If necessary use a gas burner to dry the cracks and surrounding area
  • Overbanding tape can be applied by hand of roller following the line of the joint.
  • Overbanding tape is pressure sensitive. When the joint is covered in the tape, cut it off from the roll and press the tape down thoroughly, using hand or foot pressure
  • Remove the interleaving film from the tape
  • If there are sudden changes in direction required simply cut the tape and start a new section making sure you overlap the end of the previous section by 50mm
  • Where required, you can apply granite dust to improve the skid resistance
  • Traffic may flow immediately.

Overbanding Tape - How To Buy

Overbanding Tape can be purchased in full box qunatities from Lynvale.
Smaller orders can be serviced via our UK Distributors: