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Neoprene Foam Tape

Self Adhesive & Non-Adhesive Neoprene Foam Tape / Strip neoprene foam tape

Neoprene is a synthetic rubber, is a useful and versatile sponge foam tape which is widely used in construction, electrical insulations and engineering applications.

Neoprenefoam tape has a resistance to many chemicals/oils and is often used as a protective material within automotive applications.

Our LYNKN002 grade specifically offers excellent thermal resistance and conforms to UL94 standards making it one of our top rated, flame retardant materials.

Neoprene Foam Tape in Rolls , Sheets & Bespoke Gaskets.

Colour: Black  Density: 130kg +/- 20  Shore hardness: 00
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neoprene foam tape rolls and gaskets Small volumes of Neoprene Foam Tape can be purchased directly from our UK Distributor: