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Mirror Mounting Tape

Excellent Tack & Load Bearing Properties mirror mounting foam tape V1500

Mirror Mounting Foam Tape for Industrial Applications

Mirror Mounting Tape Application Guide V1500

NORFIX® Mirror Mounting Application Guide Norfix® Mirror mounting tapes are double sided white closed cell cross linked polyethylene foam with Pressure Sensitive adhesives on both surfaces, protected by a siliconised paper liner. The rubber adhesives combine excellent tack and load bearing at normal temperatures. These products are designed for interior applications where the bond is not exposed to severe U.V. radiation. V1500 products exhibit high bond strength and peel performance to various substrates such as plastics including polycarbonate, PVC, PE, PS, glass, wood, metals etc. (FIRA Approved) The high tack of the V1500 adhesive allows an excellent bond to build between the two substrates, reaching its maximum strength in approximately 24 hours. The PE foam is available in a wide range of thickness and density variations in order to offer conformable products suitable for uneven, irregular or contoured materials. 

st gobain v1500 mirror mounting tape

Mirror Mounting Tape Application & Assembly

To promote an adequate bond, the two surfaces must be smooth, dry and free from dust of grease. All surfaces should have a solid construction in order to bear the weight of the mirror; thicker Norfix grades will accommodate any minor surface irregularities. The adhesive is pressure sensitive, we therefore recommend the application to be carried out at a minimum of 15°C with as high a pressure as the process allows. With non polar materials like PP or PE, it is often necessary to prime the surface or to use a Corona Pre-Treatment. Additional details are available on request. To ensure the shear strength is evenly distributed, the pads must be applied at the four corners or along the vertical edges of the mirror. This method of bonding avoids undesirable cleavage stress but inclined or overhead mirrors should be secured additionally by mechanical fastening methods. 

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The details contained are correct and up-to-date at the time of printing and are intended to provide information of our products and their possible applications. This is not intended as a specification and does not assure specific product characteristics or make reference to the suitability of the products for a definite application. Saint-Gobain cannot anticipate or control every application, therefore, we strongly recommend testing of this product under individual conditions.