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Matt Cloth Tape

Matt Cloth Tape Scapa 3130 matt cloth tape, scapa 3130 cloth tape

Non-Reflective Cloth Tape for Stage Marking, Film & TV Sets

High quality 80 mesh, polyethylene coated waterproof cloth tape, coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive and a superior matt finish.

Scapa 3130 Matt Cloth Tape is a non-reflective gaffer tape / duct tape which minimises light flare and reflection. This waterproof tape is a favourite within the film and T.V. industry. It tears easily by hand yet it is hard wearing. As well as being discrete the matt finish also provides a surface which can be written on.

Scapa 3130 Matt Cloth Tape Uses

  • Temporary fixings of cable & wires to floors & walls
  • Masking of stage equipment
  • Colour coding / identifcation
  • Stage marking
  • Floor marking
  • Book & spine binding

Available colours include black, white, blue, red, green and yellow, plus the specific shades Chromakey blue and green for the entertainment industry.

Rolls are 50mm x 50M and are available from Lynvale in full boxes (24 rolls per box). If you need fewer than 24 rolls please visit our UK Distributor https://www.affixit.co.uk

Technical Data Sheet

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