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Norseal FS1000

Intumescent Foam Tape

Single Sided Multi-Functional Foam Tape

Seals Air, Fire, Dirt, Water, Dampens Vibration

About Norseal FS1000

Saint-Gobain Norseal FS1000 Series is a high-performance intumescent foam tape designed with a unique combination of sealing properties. This sealing foam tape is expandable and fire resistant, blocking smoke, air and water. In its natural state, FS1000 is soft, conformable, and easy to attach to complex surfaces.

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Product features

  • Expandable and fire resistant - When heated to more than 200°C, FS1000 will expand and form a fire-resistant char, blocking fire, smoke and hot gases Intumescent Foam Sealing Tape, Norseal FS1000 available form Lynvale.
  • Airtight - Compressed by 30%, FS1000 is airtight up to a pressure of 1000 Pa, depending on the surface of the application.
  • Watertight - FS1000 is watertight when compressed by 30%.
  • Compressible and resilient - It can be easily compressed and comes back to its original thickness after compression.
  • Vibration damping - As a result of its resilience, FS1000 is able to damp vibrations and decouple two elements.
  • Conformable - Soft; will conform to uneven surfaces.
  • Easy installation - Produced in various thicknesses and can be delivered with adhesive on one side for easy application.
  • Environmentally friendly - Contains no halogen compounds, and there are no concerns of toxic gas emissions when heated. The material does not disperse dust during installation, so it is safe for workers and other people nearby.


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