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High Performance Double Sided Tape

High Performance Double Sided Tape

Pressure Sensitive Cross Linked Solvent Acrylic


High performance double double sided tape

LYN798 is a very high performance double sided tape which performs in both internal and external environments.

Standard roll length is 50M, this can be reduced to a minimum of 5M and can be supplied as rolls, sheets or custom made shapes and adhesive tape gaskets.

Minimum order value: £250.00 + VAT

Smaller quantities can be purchased online through our UK distributorhttps://www.affixit.co.uk/high-performance-double-sided-tape.html

Coating Thickness: 100 Micron
Temperature Resistance: -20 - +120 ºC
Initial Tack: 5CM (PSTC-6 #14 ball) Holding power: (1.0kg/25mm²) >24 Hours (PSTC-7)
Holding power for temperature resistance 60ºC: (0.5kg/25mm²) >24 Hours (PSTC-7)
Peel Adhesion: 24.5 – 32.3 N/25mm (PSTC-1)

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