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Official Scapa Distributor

scapa tape distributor, LynvaleSupplying Scapa Tapes in Box Quantities, Rolls & Cusom Gaskets

Lynvale have been official distributors of Scapa Tapes for over 15 years and provide a responsive B2B service for the supply if Scapa Industrial adhesive tapes. Scapa Tapes are supplied in full box quantities, stanadard sized rolls, custom sized rolls and bespoke gaskets manufactured in our purpose built Converting Plant in Suffolk.

Call Lynvale for Pricing Today : 01440 766 975

Should you only require a few rolls please visit or Online UK Distributor: https://www.affixit.co.uk

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  • Matt Cloth Tape Scapa 3130  Non-Reflective Cloth Tape for Stage Marking, Film & TV Sets High quality 80 mesh, polyethylene coated waterproof cloth tape, coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive and a superior matt finish. Scapa 3130 Matt Cloth Tape is a non-reflective gaffer tape / duct tape which minimises light flare and reflection. This waterproof tape is a favourite within the film and T.V. industry. It tears easily by...
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    Date added:2019-05-08 12:13:26
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  • Scapa 3259 Distributor Closed Cell, Medium Density PVC Foam Tape with Acrylic Adhesive  Lynvale are official dirstibutors of Scapa 3259 and stock every thickness in master rolls. Thicknesses range from 1.5mm up to 15mm. Scapa 3259 can be supplied by Lynvale in standard sized rolls, custom sized rolls as well as bespoke sized sheets and gaskets. When comprssed by 30% Scapa 3259 will provide a 1000pa water seal. It's...
    Date added:2020-02-10 13:03:58
    Price: £0.00
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