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BBA Approval for EXP6 Expanding Foam Tape

Airtight Tape

  • High Performance Adhesive - Bonds where Others Fail
  • Provides Instant Airtight Seal for Board & Membrane Joints
  • Bonds to Cement Particle Boards, Calcium Silcate Boards, Sheeting Boards, Plywood, Chipboard and, Flexible Vapor Barrier Materials,
  • Meets the Strict requirements of En EV (DIN4108-7

Airtight Tape Roll Sizes Airtight Tapes by Lynvale, Haverhill, Suffolk

  • Standard Roll Lengths : 25 Metres
  • Standard Roll Widths: 50mm, 60mm, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm
  • Bespoke Sizes Made To Order


Our Premium Airtight Tape features a very high performance adhesive system which provides a superior bond with excellent tack values.

It adheres well even to non-polar & low energy surfaces & bonds especially well to PE Foil and HDPE/PP/PE Fleeces.

The elastic film carrier is reinforced with PE-Scrim, which promotes excellent bonding to a wide range of surfaces.

The material is highly heat & wrinkle resistant and guarantees an airtight seal.

The material has a unique acrylic dispersion which properties increase the life expectancy of the airtight tape seal.

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Airtight Tape - Online Ordering

Smaller orders can be placed online through our UK Distributor: https://www.affixit.co.uk/airtight-tape.html