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Sealing with Single Sided Foam Tape
Posted on 26th March 2019

Easy Sealing with Single Sided Foam Tape

Quick & Easy to Apply, Single Sided Foam Tape Provides an Instant Sealing Solution.

single sided foam tapeFor successful installation very little training is required, these tapes simply need to be applied to clean, dust free surfaces and have pressure applied to maximise adhesive 'wet out'. As the foam tape is  pre-slit or cut into bespoke gaskets, waste & mess are kept to minimal levels. 

When it comes to sealing, closed cell foam is generally the foam of choice. It has better thermal characteristics, water resistance, vapour resistance and a higher compressive strength in comparison to open cell foams.

Sealing Air, Dust, Draughts, Weather & Water

Single Sided Foam Tape will need to be suitably compressed in order to provide your desired seal, these rates are very much dependant on the seal you wish to achieve and the base foam used. The closed cell, single sided PVC foam distributed by Lynvale will provide a 1000pa seal when compressed by 30%. The pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive on this foam tape allows the tape to perform well in wet environments.  Lynvale keep over 75 master logs of this foam tape in stock in order to fulfil bespoke foam tape conversions in days.

Team Lynvale: Solving & Sealing with Foam Tape for over 30 Years

Get In Touch Tel: 01440 766 975  Email: info@lynvale.co.uk

To purchase small quantities online please visit our UK Distributor, Affixit. They hold over 1,000 pre-slit roles in stock for same day fulfilment. 


Foam Tape
Posted on 12th February 2019

Foam Tape

Single Sided & Double Sided Foam Tapes Converted to Your Exact Specification

Foam Tapes perform a variety of funcations and can be used to bond, mount, cushion, protect, seal & fill.

Lynvale offer a wide variety of foam tapes which can be supplied single sided (adhesive one side), double sided (adhesive both sides) or non-adhesive.

Base foams include PVC, PU, Neoprene, EPDM, PE & Silicone which can be supplied as open cell or closed cell format (dependent on your application requirements).

Pressure sensitive adhesives are matched to the environmental, temperature and durability requirements of your application.

Formats include rolls, sheets & gaskets with the option of having waste removed. 

Discuss Your Foam Tape Requirements Today
Call 01440 766 975  Email: info@lynvale.co.uk


Lynvale Donate £2,700 to Charity
Posted on 17th December 2018

Read More Here: https://www.lynvale.co.uk/news/dec-2018.html

2017 Chosen Charities
Posted on 10th January 2017

Lynvale Chosen Charities 2017

We’ve Donated £1000 to Charity!

We are delighted to announce our chosen charities of 2017 as follows;

  • The Rainbow Trust
  • MS Society
  • Claire House
  • British Heart Foundation
  • Macmillan
  • Fresh Start & New Beginnings
  • Cancer Research
  • Max Appeal
  • Sue Ryder

All of these charities do amazing things for those in need, we feel pretty awesome that we have been able to help.

Thank you for your continued support & your assistance in helping us make this world a better place.

May 2017 bring you good health & prosperity.

Published - 10th January, 2017.