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Our high precision adhesive tape converting machinery enables us to supply your finished product in many different formats, we can even supply your finished product so it is ready for automated application.

The formats we provide are:

  • Individual RollsThese are predominantly technical adhesive tapes but we also convert non-adhesive flexible materials in this format. We can customise roll width, length and internal core size. Finished rolls can be anywhere from 3mm up to 1600mm wide, manufactured with a 0.2mm tolerance.
  • Sheets Our sheeting capabilities can produce sheets of material with or without kiss cut parts (i.e. you can have plain sheets of material as well as die cut shapes / gaskets on a sheet) The maximum sheet dimension is 600mm x 2500mm.
  • Kiss Cut This format will leave you with finished parts presented on rolls or sheets. This can be achieved using our Rotary Die Cutting Machines, Plotter Cutter Machines and our Automated Kiss Cutting Press. The blade will cut through the adhesive material but only 'kisses' the backing liner leaving a continuous roll or sheet intact, hence the name kiss cutting. Maximum size for kiss cut product on a roll is 600mm x 600mm, for kiss cut product larger than this we supply in sheet format with maximum dimensions of 1600mm x 3000mm.
  • Cut Through 'Cut Through' shapes and adhesive tape gaskets can be made using our Rotary Die Cutting Machines, Plotter Cutter Machines, Automated Kiss Cutting Press and Travelling Head Press. The blade cuts through both the material and any backing liner which results in individual finished parts. these can be supplied to you loose in a box, in bags or packaged for retail
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