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"We Transform Technical Adhesive Tapes & Flexible Products into Custom Sized Rolls, Individual Shapes & Gaskets. You can have these in any format you need. We can even package your product so it's ready for retail"

EXP 6 Expanding Foam Tape

Your 600 Pa Weather Seal on a Roll

Expanding Foam Tape Fully approved to DIN 4102 & DIN18542 EXP6 Pre-Compressed Expanding P.U. Foam Tape provides a permanently elastic weather seal against wind driven rain to 600 Pa.

The permanent elasticity of EXP6 Expanding Foam Tape lends itself to sealing and protecting timber frame buildings and sealing other joints which will be subjected to movement.

Quick and Easy to Install, Fully Approved Cost Effective Solution

EXP6 Expanding Foam Tape is available in 8 different thickness and will provide a 600Pa weather seal for joints that range from 1mm up to 42mm in size.

Norton ® Thermalbond®

Strutural Glazing Spacer Tape, Specified, Trusted & Proven for over 40 Years

Norton Tape, Thermalbond V2100 from Lynvale Adhesive Tapes

 THERMALBOND® V2100 series also known as Norton Tape is the most commonly used structural glazing spacer tape in two and four sided structural glazing. THERMALBOND® performs a load bearing function while the structural sealant cures. Typical  applications include curtain walls, storefronts, skylights, and other applications.


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